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The business world rewards those who follow their dream by working hard and sticking to their plan. Sometimes, though, it pays to have some outside support to help provide a motivational boost and a dose of inspiration. Bob Lutz in Ann Arbor, MI, is a speaker who can give a spark of energy with his words and focus. His leadership talks will help you to maximize your potential and drive toward your goal.

Bob draws upon his experience and professional success to deliver lessons that are proven in the business world and can help boost your company’s performance. You’ve worked hard to position your business where it is in the marketplace, and it will take more hard work to keep it there. Bob Lutz can call upon his professional strengths as an automotive industry business consultant to provide lessons on setting new goals and how to achieve them.

Schedule Bob to deliver one of his motivational speeches to provide a template for business success. He draws upon his experience to help you lay the groundwork for a bright and dynamic future for your company and yourself. Bob Lutz’s motivational ability captures hearts and minds and will drive you to move your business farther ahead than you’ve ever thought possible.

GM: The Beginning of a Long, Distinguished Automotive Career

Lutz began his automotive career in September 1963 at GM, where he held a variety of senior sales and marketing positions in Europe until December 1971.

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For the next 3 years, he served as Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at BMW in Munich and a member of that company's board of management.

Ford Motor Company

Later, Lutz spent 12 years at Ford Motor Company, where his last position was Executive Vice President of Truck Operations. He also served as Chairman of Ford of Europe and as Executive Vice President of Ford's International Operations. From 1982 to 1986, Lutz was a member of Ford's board.

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Cruising with Chrysler

He began his service with Chrysler in 1986 as Executive Vice President and was shortly thereafter elected to the Chrysler Corporation board. Lutz led all of Chrysler's automotive activities, including Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Manufacturing, and Procurement and Supply. Lutz also served as President and Chief Operating Officer, responsible for Chrysler's car and truck operations worldwide. His 12 years with the company are chronicled in his 1998 book, "Guts: The Seven Laws of Business That Made Chrysler the World's Hottest Car Company." "Guts" was revised and updated in 2003 and re-titled, "Guts: 8 Laws of Business from One of the Most Innovative Business Leaders of our Time."

Rejoining General Motors

Lutz rejoined GM on September 1, 2001, as Vice Chairman of Product Development. On November 13, 2001, he was named Chairman of GM North America and served in that capacity until April 4, 2005, when he assumed responsibility for Global Product Development. He also served as President of GM Europe on an interim basis from March to June 2004.

Exide Technologies

Lutz joined Exide after a distinguished career with the former Chrysler Corporation from 1986 to 1998, where he reached the position of Vice Chairman. Lutz was chairman and chief executive officer of Exide Technologies. He served as Chairman until his resignation on May 17, 2002 and as a member of Exide's Board of Directors until May 5, 2004.

On April 1, 2009, Lutz was named Vice Chairman/ Senior Advisor providing strategic input into GM's Global Design and key Product initiatives, a position he held until retirement at the end of 2009. He agreed to join the new GM at his current position. On July 23, 2009, he was appointed Vice Chairman, Marketing and Communications, and on December 4, 2009, he was named Vice Chairman, Special Advisor Design and Global Product Development.

Education and Training

Lutz received his Bachelor's degree in Production Management from the University of California-Berkeley in 1961, where he earned distinction as a Phi Beta Kappa.  He received a Master's degree in Marketing, with highest honors, from the University of California-Berkeley in 1962. He received an honorary degree of Doctor of Management from Kettering University on June 21, 2003, and an honorary Doctorate of Law from Boston University in 1985.

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On May 1, 2010, Robert A. Lutz, General Motors vice chairman, retired after a 47-year career in the global automotive industry, including senior leadership positions at four of the world's leading automakers and founded Lutz Communications, a universal business consulting firm with an emphasis on businesses in motion.  

He currently serves as  a member of the Board of Trustees for the U.S. Marine Corps University Foundation and Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, Texas. He is a member of the board for Group 14.