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Schedule Lectures from Bob Lutz in Ann Arbor, MI

Make leadership a focus for your organization. When it comes to blazing new trails, experience is everything — and Bob Lutz has the background to bring perspective to any team. Through Lutz Communications, you can schedule a talk that inspires your business and helps you leverage enthusiasm toward practical results.

Lectures from Bob Lutz in Ann Arbor, MI, feature the same engaging and incisive straight talk that made his books successful. Using lessons learned across a long career managing the expectations of some of the world’s largest car companies, Lutz explores what it means to be a focused and decisive leader in the modern market landscape. His talks are a great way to: 

  • Build Motivation for New Initiatives
  • Reward Success with Career Growth
  • Refocus Teams toward Future Success
  • Lay Foundations for Innovative Improvements

The Full Experience

In addition to motivational speaking, Bob Lutz can headline book signings for his celebrated works on business leadership. Covering some of his most important lessons and most memorable experiences, these books serve as roadmaps for success in the hands of enterprising leaders in organizations of all kinds.

You can book Bob for your next event and take advantage of one of the most storied careers in business. Get in touch today for more details.

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